Welcome to Freight Village Kiel (GVZ)

The location of Kiel as a logistics node is characterized by an excellent transport infrastructure, providing sufficient capacity to prevent congestions and delays caused by capacity shortages.

The broad array of industries and branches within GVZ Kiel allows for a wide range of services offered by our logistics partners and permits multiple, swift solutions for any kind of logistics challenge. 

The multitude of services and enterprises available at GVZ Kiel facilitates competitive advantages by combining the available competence and longstanding experience of individual GVZ member companies with attention to innovative logistics solutions.

Kiel Canal

In Kiel, all port terminals are connected to Kiel Canal, the world’s most frequented artificial waterway. The port and the GVZ of Kiel provide a unique and direct connection to the European network of inland waterways without any load, height, beam or draft restrictions. The industrial ports of "Nordhafen" and "Scheerhafen" are directly located at the embankment of the Kiel Canal, therefore often referred to as "Canal Ports". Furthermore, while approx. 40,000 ships are passing the canal every year carrying some 45 million tons of cargo, the intermodal shift of cargo from road to inland waterway systems is one of the primary goals of GVZ Kiel.

Nord-Ostseekanal mit Schleuse in Kiel
Kiel Canal represents the significant shortcut in sailing distances between the North Sea and the Baltic, and it presents a direct connection to the European network of inland waterways.

Competence in Logistics

Kiel is the major intersection for transports between Norway, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic States and the urban and industrial centers in western and southwestern Europe. As the farthest southwestern ferry port in the Baltic Sea, Kiel affords short and quick connections to the trans-European traffic networks which connect Kiel to the continental European centers in the hinterland. Thus the harbor and logistics location of Kiel also qualifies as a turntable for cargo flows to and from Finland or Denmark.

GVZ Kiel facilitates the enhanced intermodal cooperation between the users of different modes of transportation: road, rail, inland navigation and ferry as well as short-distance sea shipping.

Business environment Kiel

Based on a sound business environment Kiel, the capital of the German land Schleswig-Holstein, offers a wide variety of facilities, opportunities and space for allocation and development of trade, industry, transport, port and logistics as well as for business and industry related services. Each industrial estate within the GVZ has its particular, individual advantages due to its location and specialisation in the overall context. more..

Logistics partners

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